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Introduction to Department of Computer and Communication Engineering
Educational objectives and development characteristics
The Department of Computer and Communication Engineering was established in 2002. We emphasize on communications and computer system integration and the applications of wireless mechanics of communication, RFID & computer network technology.
In planning the curriculum and hardware places, we emphasize on both theory and practice of the content and teaching environment, to improve the quality of students, and to strengthen the abilities of students to pursue further education and for employment.
The educational goals of the department
1. To train students the computer and communications professional knowledge, let the students are welcome by the industries.
2. Extend the cross field knowledge of students, develop their team work capability.
3. Let students with hands-on skills to solve practical problems.
4. Let students to have healthy personality development and good workplace ethics.
Core competence of students
1.Use Internet to collect data and write report.
2.Can perform computers and communications related experiments and analyze the data of experiments.
3.Be able to use mathematics, science knowledge to explore, analyze and deal with computers and communications related engineering problems.
4.Can use software and hardware tools to design or test components of computer or communication systems.
5.Have good ability of communication and team cooperation.
6.Focus on global industry trends and develop the habit of continuous learning.
7.Understand the professional ethics and social responsibility.