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Natural Computing & System Integration Lab.

Natural Computing & System Integration Lab.
NCSI-Lab Profile
The NCSI-Lab resides in the Department of Computer & communications engineering at Chienkuo Technology University (CTU) . Since its founding in 2010, the NCSI-Lab has concentrated on Evolutionary Computing, Embedded System Integration, and Internet Technology Applications.
Research Topics:
l   Evolutionary Computing: The goals of this research topic focus on two main areas, namely (1) the development of novel types of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs), and (2) the application of EAs to real-world problems, for example: Floorplanning Problem in VLSI, Microstrip Antennas Design, etc.
l   Embedded System Integration: The goal of this research topic is to solve a variety of complex industry problems, typically employing embedded system such as ARM based microcontroller, PSOC, Arduino, etc. There are two projects is currently working, namely Automotive Battery Management System and Intelligent Electric Power Quality Monitor Project
l   Internet Technology Applications: The goal of this research topic is to study and propose a commercial solution for customers and implement it, typically employing PHP, MySQL, Javascript technology in cloud application platform. There is a project is currently working, namely Taiwan Kansei Information Association manuscript submission site development project.
Equipments of NCSI-Lab
l   CAN Bus Experimental Platform ´ 2
l   LIN Bus Experimental Platform ´ 2
l   PSOC Development System ´ 10
l   Arduino Development System ´ 10
l   Samsung S3C6410 Development System ´ 10
l   TI-Luminary Micro LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kits ´ 5
l   DSRC/WAVE On Board Unit/Road Side Unit ´ 3
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