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Computer Network Laboratory


(1)The Laboratory Name : Computer Network Laboratory
(2)The Laboratory Function and Equipments:
 We devote ourselves to teaching our students network management, network applications, and computer security issues. To be more specific, we develop Voice over IP (VoIP) application and integrate network security tools to construct System Defense and Computer Attack Environment (SDCAE).
For VoIP application, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is bundled with VoIP server to establish the smart Call Center system. In SDCAE, the trapping system is    
constructed to track computer attack and even digital forensics.
Equipments: computers, 25 computers, 3 IBM server, 3 Cisco Routers, 2 NetGuru Network Emulators, and 2 SIP phones.


The Laboratory Gate
The Laboratory Corridor
The Laboratory Computers
The Laboratory Teaching Environment

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